About Us

The Cast

Jeremy {Keeper}

An old-school TTRPG gamer since the 80's, Jeremy is also a writer of dark fiction, an amateur filmmaker, a WebMaster, and homebrewer of weird beers. Find Jeremy on Mastodon @lovecrafttapes

Bryan {Investigator}

Bryan is Jeremy's "little" brother and partner in filmmaking crime, starring in or providing FX for their homegrown horror movies. Find Bryan on Twitter @bryanpodcasts

Characters: Pippa, Jack, Hubert, Samantha

  • Cases 1-current

Matt {Investigator}

Matt is a hardcore gamer with a penchant for upgrading his video card every 30 days and listening to ASMR podcasts during his REM cycle. Find Matt on Mastodon @therealweirdkid

Characters: Rocky, d3t0x, Dan

  • Cases 1-current

Lupine {Investigator}

Lupine lurks at the corners of our beloved TTRPG universe, sometimes playing a precocious goblin and occasionally inhabiting the skin of a normal kid growing up in California. Find Lupine everywhere at linktr.ee/lupinevendetta

Characters: Rosa

  • Cases 15-current

Retired Investigators

Gabe D'Ascenzo

Gabe likes tabletop games and Enya albums that feature harps, but he probably loves Booberry more than anyone else on planet Earth. Find Gabe on Twitter @lovecraftgabe

Characters: Roy, Aaron

  • Cases 4-14

George Gallagher

Emmy award winner (it's true, look it up) George enjoys long walks on the beach, flying drones over enemy skies, and very weird varieties of soda pop.

Characters: Charles/Chuck

  • Cases 1-3

Supporting peeps

Justin Leveque

Master artist and creator of our logo, Justin also helped beta-test the podcast. Find him on Twitter @justinleveque

Chris Parker

Writer and rabid hobbyist, Chris composed our theme song “Listen, if you dare…” and guest starred in "The Strange Case of Louis Cypher". Find Chris on Twitter @iswingabitmore

Simon Gumble

Expert doodler and oh-so-talented fan artist of our case-by-case designs. Find Simon on Instagram @stag47

Brittany Davis

Our world-famous Keeper for "Horror On The Greens" and all-around cool kid. Find Britt on Twitter @naiadnaturalist

Sade Edwards

UI/UX designer by day, digital illustrator by night, Sade is a recording talent for The Lovelycraftians podcast. Check her out at sadeaedwards.me or on Instagram at @sadeambyrebel

Zachary Harley

Our first Old One patreon supporter! Guest star on "The Cellar" and plays Carl Kolchak Jr. in Case 9: Leapfrog