Case 3

Returning home

This scenario was based upon "The Scarecrow" by Michael LaBossiere

Future Shock

Charles finds out the hard way that reality is not what it seems, and he’s not particularly happy about it...


Checking In

Our investigators prepare for a long, relaxing week on an island in Deerfield, New Hampshire...


Deep Tissue Massage

Charles seems afraid of a free spa pass at the Contented Cow...


Storm Of The Century

The weather turns nasty, transforming the idyllic landscape into a nightmare realm...


The Cow Of Discontent

Samantha attempts to help Mr. Perfory keep the other guests from freaking out during the storm...


Choose Your Own Nightmare

The storm continues to pound down while everyone starts to go a little crazy...


Requiem For A Blaine

Our hapless investigators attempt to hole up in the mechanical room but are soon faced with unknowable dangers...