Case 2

dark angeles

This scenario was based on "L.A. Diabolical" by Brian Courtemanche, published in Atomic-Age Cthulhu


Time has changed the HIAA investigators somewhat, but they’re still up for a good paying gig...


The State Of The Secretary

The investigators resume their search for Stan Brophy, visiting his secretary in the hopes of uncovering clues to his whereabouts...


Going Down, Mister Williams?

After concluding their investigation of the elevator, the members of HIAA decide to sneak around the missing agent’s house...


Fly By Night

Sam discovers a flyer about the Church of Night and the investigators plan to attend the Friday midnight gathering...


A Snake Licks Its Lips

As the search for Sam Brophy continues, the investigators attempt to infiltrate the Church of Night for any clues...


Like A Bat Outta Hell

Sam mingles with the occultists while Chuck pretends to drink booze and chats up the underage naked girl from Oklahoma...


Shoots & Ladders

When things get weird at the La Brea Tar Pits, the investigators decide their best bet is to spy on Jeanne Saint Jayne...


The Death Of Chuck Blaine

Chuck learns the danger of pushing a roll...