Case 13


This scenario is original content written by Jeremy

Case 13 Tape 1: Prologue

Deep beneath Blaine Manor, Charles prepares to clear his name and return to another time, another place, with Samantha's help...

Case 13 Tape 2: Seed Of Destruction

Fully recovered from their altercation at the Twilight Sideshow, our brave adventurers hitch up their britches and forge ahead (or, rather, below) to uncover the secrets Charles Blaine left behind (or, rather, below)...

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Case 13 Tape 3: Root For The Away Team

After the destruction of Blaine Manor, Rocky and Pippa decide to pursue Roy to New York City in the hopes he is now in possession of Charles' artifact...

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Case 13 Tape 4: Growth Spurts

Twilight arrives in the Big Apple, as our Inglorious Investigators settle into their surroundings only to discover they may have brought Arkham's weirdness with them...

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Case 13 Tape 5: Branching Out

Secrets unspool like yarn yanked by a precocious kitten, as our Investigators of the Unknown continue their unsavory exploits in the haunted halls of Hotel Odabrati...

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Case 13 Tape 6: By Hook Or By Crook

A new day dawns on our Investigators of the Unknown as they continue to poke and prod their way slowly toward an inexorable resolution to the mystery of Charles Blaine...

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Case 13 Tape 7: Dying On The Vine

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, and our art-loving Investigators test their mettle against the impenetrable works displayed at the Zepter museum...

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Case 13 Tape 8: Fungus Among Us

Our hapless heroes forego their usual leisurely crepe brunch for a quick roundtable chat session at a local NYC café, before springing into action...

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Case 13 Tape 9: Tuber Or Not Tuber

As any seasoned Investigator can tell you, splitting the party yields twice the results in half the time...

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Case 13 Tape 10: The Ground Is Sour

Beneath the city streets of New York City, the dark pulse of an ancient evil throbs with black blood and an insatiable hunger for human flesh...

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Case 13 Tape 11: Pistil Whipped

Can our spelunking sleuths eventually emerge from beneath the concrete jungle, unscathed, or will an ill Windflower blow them all away...

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Case 13 Tape 12: Epilogue

After the curtain call, we peek behind the heavy, scarlet draperies to discover what the future may hold...

Case 13 Tape 13: Q&A

We tend to all your burning (Ooh! Looks like you could use some moist ointment!) questions with the salve of our cool, calming answers...